"It is dragons." "Dragons?" said her mother. "Teora, don’t be mad." "I’m not. They’re coming." "How could you possibly know that?" her sister asked, with a note of scorn in her voice. "One of your little dreams?" Teora gave a tiny nod, chin trembling. "They were dancing. In my dream. And everywhere the dragons danced the people died.

you hit the jackpot, baby.
DRAMAtical Murder - Anime Trailer

"Don’t wuss out, Yukine."
"No prob."

Happy 17th Birthday Maisie Williams! (04.15.1997)


All of Homestuck summarized in two pictures



“With this kiss I pledge my love!” Joffrey declared in ringing tones. When Margaery echoed the words he pulled her close and kissed her long and deep. Rainbow lights danced once more about the High Septon’s crown as he solemnly declared Joffrey of the Houses Baratheon and Lannister and Margaery of House Tyrell to be one flesh, one heart, one soul. 

She’s Erza!!